The Logistics Institute


The Logistics Institute is the international certifying organization for the P.Log. designation. The organization was founded in 1990 by twelve leading logistics industry associations.

The Logistics Institute provides a comprehensive training, development and support program for individuals who work in logistics and the supply chain sector. In 1995, 52 people earned their P.Log. designation. Today, that number has increased to over 3000


This LS (Logistics Specialist) is designed for logisticians working in tactical and supervisory careers, as well as for those aspiring to future managerial positions. This program aims at creating a foundation for a career in logistics and supply chain management through this newly developed LS Pathway. At the end of the program the participant will walk away with the skills/training as well as the accreditation to back it up.

This designation fills a need to prepare practitioners for a successful career in logistics. The problem solving skills learned in this program will align you with the skills to achieve your objectives effectively.